Weed Grinding Joint Prep

In the quest for the perfect joint, flower trim and grind are two factors that we have control over. Most people trim their buds to excess and use the trim for concentrates. We like our buds tight sticky sweet and dry and we keep them that way in a humidor. A lot of friends keep cannabis flowers in airtight glass containers frozen, but in my house there are just too many folks looking for ice cream who find something far far better …

For years I have either broken the weed up between my fingers or savored a special pair of scissors to slice up my stash into smokable size. Well hell for years we got weed that had travelled half way around the world, and was dry or moldy and crumbled easily. Usually sticks and seeds that we don’t need.

Now I use a 3 inch herb grinder that works excellent. The weed comes out the perfect size for joints, spliffs or whatever you call the way you smoke. Electric grinders are advertised but I think that hand grinding of cannabis medicinal flowers retains more of their life force then using a power grinder. I have used the coffee grinder but if you are not careful you will over grind and make a fine powder that is difficult to smoke.


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