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Bubble Hash — B.H.

Two grams per order.

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Bubble Hash — B.H.

One of my favorite concentrates is hash. Easy to use. You can add Bubble hash to joints for an extra boost or puff on it by itself for a select buzz. We made this bubble hash from popcorn buds, trimmings and top shelf flowers, a mix of Hybrid, Sativa and Indica flowers in one hash batch using only ice water for extractions. Very strong and guaranteed to give you a nice buzz. Excellent Flavor.

4 reviews for B.H.

  1. Dank420

    Wonderful taste and potent. Very versatile and easy to use. Highly recommend for those suffering from chronic pain.

  2. NetDevil420

    Says 2 grams but I only got 1 because it was a sample. This is some GREAT product. VERY little is like u smoked a blunt or joint…..definitely worth it…..GREAT BUY

  3. Charles Pro

    I tried this because of sale and it works good. Stops the pain.

  4. garageaddict

    This hash is good. Its soft and crumbles easily. I use it in my one hitter and let me tell you this stuff packs a punch!

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High grade couch lock marijuana for medical and recreational consumers. We wash all flowers after cutting to remove dust, insect remains, pollution, and more. We rinse in a mix of lemon juice, nutribiotic and baking soda. This new cleaning method improves taste, appearance and longevity. Also reduced time in drying and burping.