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D.Q. 2020

by Cannabis Skunk Works
(3 customer reviews)


Dairy Queen — D.Q.

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Dairy Queen 2020

is grown outdoors with love, under Star Lotus’s watchful gaze. These buds are covered with tricomb crystals, have a nice green color, excellent taste and smell.

These buds were harvested November 2020 and are some of the best we have seen in a long time. Huge flowers, some weigh as much as 60 or more grams. All ounces of D.Q. are up to 32 grams in weight.

You might be lucky and find a seed in your bud which you should plant!

Good for daytime use provides energy and positive vibe.

Dairy Queen is perfect to give you an up and happy feeling. Euphoria is often mentioned by clients as the effect of smoking DQ. Use this to relax and relieve stress but generally does not cause couch lock unless over indulged. The taste is fruity and cheesy and keeps users bogarting that joint. Perfect for the holidays.

Top Shelf Buds.

3 reviews for D.Q. 2020

  1. Dank420

    These were big buds laden with trichomes. The taste was wonderful, a hint of vanilla on the exhale. Great for treating pain and unwinding at the end of the day. Highly recommend!

  2. Larry

    The buds were big, dense, dark green, and frosty with a sweet smell. The smoke tasted like cherries and was thick. The high was very enjoyable and made me super creative. Wonderful motivating and mentally stimulating strain. Great for writing! Probably good for Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, and Stress.

  3. garageaddict

    This is good. Really good. It arrived dry so I let it stay in the air for an hour and then it rolled up into nice joints. Nocks me right out. Takes away the back pain that has plagued me for years. Thank you!

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Cannabis Skunk Works

High grade couch lock marijuana for medical and recreational consumers. We wash all flowers after cutting to remove dust, insect remains, pollution, and more. We rinse in a mix of lemon juice, nutribiotic and baking soda. This new cleaning method improves taste, appearance and longevity. Also reduced time in drying and burping.