Laundry Day

It was one of those days, perhaps you know the type, a little slower getting up. A lopsided grin smiling peevishly back from the bathroom mirror. Coffee calls from the kitchen and the idea that a cup of Joe would make everything alright pops in my head.

“Honey, good morning dear. Would you like some coffee?” rolls in from the depths of the house.

Like a three toed sloth I crawl to find the source of this delicious offer. Once in my gnarled hand, the hot cup warmed my being thru to the heart. This was heaven, I knew.

“Now that you have your coffee, dear, would you mind doing the laundry?”

I have nothing against washing clothes, after all its relatively easy, just separate the colors and weights, and baby the machines while they do all the work. And in fact I love clean clothes, but today of all days, even with the coffee, I was not ready to face the task at hand.

“Yes dear,” I answered meekly, knowing that go against the wishes of dearest was a nearly impossible.

I savored the coffee and even managed some bacon and eggs and was looking for inspiration to get off my ass and get on with the chore. And then I remembered I had stashed a few joints in the ashtray of my pickup. With this realization I was strengthened with resolve.

Soon I was puffing away on the nicest Sour Diesel spliff from Northern California, a place they call the Emerald Triangle. Now I was beyond the heaven of coffee and into a fantastic world of adventure and ideas and bliss, all in the comfort and privacy of my own mind.

I have little memory of the next few hours until dearest spoke, “Thank you dear, the laundry looks great!”

While coffee will give you a pickup, cannabis will give you life!


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