Medical Cannabis Delivered from the Emerald Triangle of Northern California.

Hybrid Cannabis Flowers

Our cannabis cultivators provide the finest in marijuana for your smoking and medicating needs. With years of experience, our bud growers bring out the best in weed for optimum enjoyment and benefit. Our current flowers are Sativa and Indica hybrids focused on high THC, full spectrum cannabinoids and taste. Try Dairy Queen for daytime creative energy or Black Diesel for night time relax. Start the day with Sour Diesel.


Do you love Cannabis like we do?

From the beginning natural plants have been our food and medicine. This tradition continues with our love and care for the healing plants of mother earth. Our love nurtures pure full flavored stony buds.

We grow outdoors in Northern California where the mix of light, warmth and humidity are perfect. We never use chemicals to control pests but rather share nature with the insects, beasts and weather.

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