Cannabis Strains – Whats in a name?

I grew up with weed from Mexico or our own backyards. Mostly always shit. And I mean that in a bad way. Occasionally we would buy prerolled joints with names like Acapulco Gold, something colombian, and Mowi Wowi (oh wait that was later) … which would really do a number on us. Man would we get stoned on those rare good joints. Then hash and pot started arriving from all over the world, Thailand and Afghanistan bring to mind Opium laced weed and top grade hash.

I have no recollection of knowing about strains or varieties back then. Product was limited so we took what was there and did the best we could with it. Years later after much struggle Marijuana legalization becomes reality. Now due to marketing efforts everyone thinks they are an expert on cannabis and think that there is a difference between Sativa and Indica other then the plants are considerably different in size. Add to that the CBD and Hemp marketing craze, one could almost say snake oil sales which certainly is true for a great many of the CBD products out there.

Also important, besides strain, is harvest timing. A plant with first stage tricombs, clear balls of transparent cannabinoids on a stem of the same material, harvested and cured will give a great day time creative buz. But the same plant harvested when at least 50% of the tricombs have turned amber, gives a more body high, couch potato feeling.

Getting plants to be uniform and consistent at supplying the same high year after year is an art. Harvest time is often set by weather rather then desire. An early harvest of your favorite weed may not give you the same high as it would have if harvested a month later.

We grow awesome plants and have pretty good luck keeping the quality consistent over the years. Give us a try and you’ll be happily surprised.


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