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Hybrid Cannabis Flowers

Our cannabis cultivators provide the finest in marijuana for your smoking and medicating needs. With years of experience, our bud growers bring out the best in weed for optimum enjoyment and benefit. Our current flowers are Sativa and Indica hybrids focused on high THC, full spectrum cannabinoids and taste.

Everyone has their favorite flower these days. And each year hundreds of new flower names appear. Is there really much difference between all these different flowers? Can you tell the difference? 

Leafly just tested three consumers to see if they could smoke and know what strain they just used.

Discount Prices

We discount top shelf buds and pass the savings on to you. Our best bud ships free. Flowers and prices change as inventory is updated. Join our email newsletter to receive announcements and promotions as we offer further discounts making our cannabis one of the best deals around.

Direct Shipment

Products are shipped discreetly direct to you, twice per week. Tracking numbers provided.


To be free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, to be strong, potent, and delivered.


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Vape Cartridges and Concentrates

Our position on vapes and extracts is simple.

Until we can be 100% certain that vape contents and devices are free of toxins, we will not use, nor display, extracts or vapes on this site. Recent news as well as signs in our own family indicate we should stop smoking blended liquids immediately.

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